Motherhood by Courtney

Motherhood by Courtney

Motherhood by Courtney

Courtney Kirby is founder of Courtney + The Babes and mother of two sons (and expecting a little girl in December). She combines pure essential oils, natural ingredients and crystals to create the perfect roll-on oils and mists. All products are made by hand with love in small batches.

Motherhood by Courtney


I love the comfort of motherhood. Being home with my babes is where I feel most calm and content. Becoming a mother has taught me many valuable lessons in life… To be patient, to be kind, and the contradiction – being selfless more but making time for yourself to recharge, collect your thoughts and unwind. It’s also taught me to take life a little less seriously, don’t let the burdens of being an adult suffocate you… bills, mortgage, responsibilities.

Motherhood taboos

Antenatal/Prenatal depression and anxiety. I feel many women suffer in silence because a “belief” is instilled from society that makes one believe they’ll sound bad, unloving and ungrateful about their pregnancy or motherhood. Emotional ups and downs go hand in hand with pregnancy for millions of women around the world, but I think when it comes to talking about emotions, it’s mostly the high points of the rollercoaster that women tend to share. Let’s shine a light on this topic and make mothers feel safe speaking up and reaching for help, because help is there and it works!

Essentials for mother & baby?

Quality basics for bub; Nature Baby and Summer and Storm are favourites of mine as they make organic cotton and merino wearables and bedding. Linen muslin clothes for swaddling, cleaning up messes, changing bub’s nappy when out and about, covering the pram for nap time. Mama needs her own luxuries like Dazed but Amazed linen to rest her tired everything on, comfy underwear from Arq and an essential oil diffuser with a few C+B diffuser blends will work wonders for the home environment, keeping mama and bub healthy, well rested and content.


Who as a mother inspires you?

Single mums, mums with ill children, mums with a child who has a disability, mums who sacrifice everything to give their child something. We are a very special and powerful force this worldwide girl gang!


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